Tickling Games

Clarity is needed for all you Fifty Shades of Gray enthusiasts.  I am not using tickle as a euphemism for other tawdry acts.  This is a serious question.

Am I the only one whose husband loves sticking his fingers into my ribs and tickling me until I fall down on the floor and pee my pants?

Or is it merely Mojo’s character?

Perhaps his joy watching people squirm was what led him to become a lawyer.

And when does this behavior stop?  How many decades will pass before this ends?  It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a hip.

For those of you who really don’t care about my questions, and whose thoughts have shifted to other tickling games, you will love Dr. Sadie Allison.  Her San Francisco-based company  Tickle Kitty sells all sorts of things arriving in specially wrapped, brown paper packages.  The question is – will you get it through customs?


Looking for an Educated,Well Groomed Wife for My Future

Bahrain loves February – the month of Romance.

Middle Eastern dating can be a little difficult.  But reading these Bride Seeking ads on expatriate.com, these men won’t have to worry about paying for expensive dinners and roses on Valentine’s Day.

I need an Educated and well groomed wife for my future – Saudi Arabia

Description: Further discussion will be made upon the seriousness of the interested person. So reply if anyone is serious.  In short i am a Banker and M.Sc. Degree Holder.

Between the Lines:  “I” was the not the smartest guy in class.  I got a job as a banker and am now out of work.  I just watched “The Secret” and decided to think positively.


Description: Asalaam-o-alikum , i am saad age 25 from pakistan karachi currently i am living in saudi Arabia jeddah looking for good girl loving between age (16-22) fair color , educated , and my education Inter commerce.  My parents living in karachi so u more details please contact my father..

Between the Lines:  I am looking for a naïve young woman who barely speaks English – for my father. 

Looking for a simple homely woman for marriage, Saudi Arabia

Description: I am Muslim man from India in late forties and well settled in Gulf and would like to marry a woman who is simple,homely and religious.  No dowry expected simple marriage please write for further details.

Between The Lines:  My wife lives in India raising my five kids.  I cannot get a visa for a housemaid.  I need someone to come to Saudi Arabia to cook, clean and “care” for me and not complain about it. 


Description: I am 34 years old Muslim Sunni working here in Bahrain, I got my engineering education in radar and communication from England at British Naval Base port smouth London. Now i m working here in Bahrain Navy as a radar and communication engineer. I don’t have parents thats why i put my add by myself. We are 02 brothers and two sisters all married except me.I am tall and handsome with 5 10″ height and everage build.
Only serious and good people try to contact, or send me e -mail.

I need only a simple and honest lady who give me peace of mind and happy family.Any one interested than i will send my pictures and contact no to them.


Between the Lines: The Bahrainis know my family and no one will let their daughter marry me.  I need a foreigner who knows just enough English to read this email and who does not want to go back to her own country – for whatever reason.

After the above ads I actually appreciate the following men’s honesty.

Looking for Lady Girlfriend, Bahrain

Description: I am looking for a trusted and smart lady to be a companion and girlfriend in Bahrain. You should be single/divorced and flexible in your approach and willing to spend time with an executive and be a companion.

If you are looking for an opportunity of this type and you are flexible with your approach to life, please send me all your details along with your profile and I will get in touch with you. Discretion is definitely assured. I can also help you with your financial problems.

I will not be able to respond to one line emails. If you are serious and interested, I request you to send me all your details and I will get it touch with you immediately.

Between the Lines:  I will pay your expenses and rent an apartment for you/us.  You will not work so I can drop in and see you whenever I can sneak away.  You have to be smart enough to understand this is a good deal and know not to call me 50 times a day or harass my family on the weekends. 

need a friend i am bored – Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Description: need a friend i am bored to lived alone i need any girlfriend deepness of relation wil be depend upon you………..contact me

Between the Lines:  It is what it is.

i am searching female

Description: hello.  i am muslim 46 male bussiness man i have bussiness in three country saudiarab,oman,and uae. i am searching female 30 to 35 years old any nationalty any religen. i am living in riyadh i am traveling in all gcc country for bussiness . send me details

Between the Lines:  I have tried it all and am tired of paying.  All my years of decadent living have taken their toll.  Now that I am overweight, smoke too much and have a heart condition I need a woman to take care of me.  As soon as I ask my friends how their daughters are doing, they quit taking my calls.

I may have to forward some of these to Jay Leno.  Perhaps he will do a segment on them.

Golden Anniversary

My In-laws wedding photo from 1962

Fifty years ago today, my in-laws got married.  Technically they signed the “kettel khitab” or marriage contract.

Today we are in Cairo at the Pasha Restaurant on the Nile celebrating with family and friends.

This is the second Golden Anniversary I have celebrated.  The first was my grandparents.

I wonder whether Mojo and I will celebrate our 50th?  I wonder what the world will be like in 35 years.


Tales by Chapter

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