Will We Make It?

62 kilometers to Colombo to catch the plane home.  Leaving at 12:00, will we make it in time?


Happy All Hallow’s Eve


From our ghosts to yours.

Dubai’s Changing Skyline

Dubai Bus Stop with Burj Khalifa in the background

As the sign says

Dubai is

A map that gets updated every day.”

One afternoon, the Burj Khalifa is there and the next morning …

Burj Khalifa blasting off into space. Photo by Mojo in April 2012.

It blasts off to parts unknown.

One Day I Will Become a Bird

Dove in Seyahdi House in Muharraq Bahrain

One day I’ll become what I want

One day I’ll become a bird

that plucks my being from nothingness.

As my wings burn I approach the truth

and rise from the ashes

I am the dialogue of dreamers

I shunned the body and self to complete the first journey

towards meaning

but it consumed me then vanished

I am that absence

The fugitive from heaven

pg. 11 from Murals by Mahmoud Darwish


Tales by Chapter

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