PS Hamleys and Helicopters

Strawberry Mirinda Rocket and Volunteer Astronaut

The Problem with Outlaws

Even if governments confiscate devices, outlaws come up with alternative ways to propel objects into space.

As test results demonstrate, the reason Strawberry Mirinda doesn’t appear on the prohibited items list is because it doesn’t work.

Will I be considered an accessory to Arming A Squirrel with Dangerous Explosives if I follow the instructions anonymous left on my grocery list?

“Please buy Diet Coke and mint Mentos.”


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  1. Deborah Hope
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 11:36:14

    Eva, I love your blog and will look at it regularly. I remember your story about the boys’ helicopters. Is that insanity, or what? A good way of staying in touch. x Deborah


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