If Only I Could Be Like Samantha

Samantha and Darren York on Bewitched 1968

Getting “dressed” is not my favorite thing. If only I could be like Samantha the suburban housewife on Bewitched who snapped her fingers to work her magic.

I know I should be more current and wish to be Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, but UNICEF ambassador, eco-clothes designer, singer Selena Gomez I am not.  And Justin Bieber could learn from Mojo.

Mojo one of the Rabbits in my life.

My Husband Mojo

I am quite certain that unlike Selena Gomez, I study the clock to figure out what is the last possible minute before I must get ready.

While my mind is distracted trying to create a matching ensemble, like unappreciated children, my makeup likes to gang up on me.

Usually my mascara is the rebel. The later I am, the more likely I sneeze as soon as I apply the mascara; or the wand flips onto my new dress; or I get a dot of black on my finger and smear it on my check; or I jab myself in the eye and I must put in a fresh contact lens and wipe off the black tears dripping down my face.

The other day I was in too much of a hurry to bother with the lighted mirror.  I squinted into my makeup bag, pulled out a pencil and finished applying color to my eyebrows.  The pencil glided over my brows so nicely.  As I surveyed the end result, I thought, My – what dark eyebrows you have my dear.

I zoomed in closer.

My eyebrows were Slate Grey.

My eyeliner and eyebrow pencil have joined in the fun and pulled a “Parent Trap” on me.

Note to Self:  Be thankful you still have eyebrows and eyelashes.  Accept your mortal powers and give yourself an extra 15-minutes to get ready.


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