Calling All Talented Bahrainis Ages 16-26

Spring of Culture Talent Programme Application

The Spring of Culture organizers launched a Talent Programme for 2012.  It is open for any Bahraini musicians, artists, singers and poets between the ages of 16-26.  The Spring of Culture is a government sponsored month-long event featuring international artists.

It is a fabulous way to support the youth and help them to feel their artistry is important.  If you know any Bahrainis who might be interested please encourage them to apply.  The application is quite involved so they may need some help getting it completed.

December 15th, 2011 is the closing date for their application.

Spring of Culture Organization

Applications can be found at Spring of Culture Talent Programme website or at the Al Riwaq Gallery.

The applicants must turn in an application with their photo and a CD/DVD of their work to Mrs. Muna Yasser at the Economic Development Board, 12th Floor Seef Tower between 10am-1pm.


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