Seeing the World Through a Billionaire’s Lens

Ace and the Cousins in their tie dyed shirts

To celebrate the school’s fiftieth anniversary, the children were allowed to wear gold or a 60s outfit on the last day of school.

Ace who cannot be in the room when I eat a banana wanted to go dressed like a banana.  His friend Rex and he are Osprey house captains and thought it would be funny to be the Osprey’s Top Bananas.  Cute – but I was not in the mood to figure out how to make that happen.

When Ace insisted Rex’s mom was having a banana costume tailored for him, I could not believe it.  Besides raising four children, his mom, Irish author Anne Dunlop, exercises, writes, blogs, and teaches horse riding.  I called her and she said,

“Absolutely not!  I cannot be bothered.  I bought him a gold Chinese jacket from the thrift shop.”

When I told Ace he could go as a mustard seed, he decided to wear the gold and red tie dyed shirt he bought at the Iowa State Fair last summer.

Ace with Tie Dye Artist at Iowas State Fair 2011

Mark saw himself as a robotic street performer and wanted gold sunglasses.

I said “Sort through my glasses.  You can use my old orange aviators.”

“Mom look at me,” he said modeling a black pair of sunglasses.

Mark wearing Dr BK Modi Sunglasses

“You look fantastic.  But those are not my sunglasses,” I said.  “Do you know who they belong to?”

He quickly took them off.  “No,” he said a little nervous he was in trouble.

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi aka BKM, Chairman of Spice

“Those belong to Dr. Modi, the Chairman of Spice.  He’s the Indian Buddhist billionaire.”

“Really? How did you get them?”

“Dad met with him and Dr. Modi left them in Dad’s car.  You can wear them.  He didn’t want them back.”

“Thanks Mom!”  He hid them in the cupboard so Ace would not take them.

Accessing his father’s less than 6 degrees of separation, Mark wowed his friends with his golden moves and his BKM sunglasses.


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