Another Pomegranate Noir Story

June begins the summer exodus.  People fly to other continents to escape the summer heat.  The school year over, military and expatriate families bid farewell as they move onto their next work assignment.  May is the month for good-bye parties.

It started with my friend author Melissa van Maasdyk.  She and her husband Glenn are off to Canada for a new life adventure.

Uncertain what exactly they will be doing, at their good-bye dinner we toasted to “future travels,” “a new beginning in Canada, Uruguay or Panama” and “until we meet again.”  To the very end, Melissa lingered with me and her friend Reem, standing in the parking lot, saying good-bye until Glenn gently reminded her they had to catch their plane.

Another blow was the sad news that after successfully launching the Bahrain Writer’s Circle and editing My Beautiful Bahrain, Robin Barratt’s wife got a new job outside of Bahrain.  Soon he will leave to start fresh somewhere else.

His Navy father’s three year stint complete, our baseball team’s star pitcher’s family is moving to some new secret location.

One of the baseball coaches, a teacher and our martial arts trainer, is taking his family back to Washington state to teach at a new school there.

By June 9th my yoga training will be complete.  My teacher, her philosophic husband and a fellow yogini are headed back to their respective countries.

As Bahrain’s future remains uncertain, two ladies from my sculpting class are headed back to Europe.  Several fathers of the children’s school mates and one of sculpture class buddies have been transferred to Dubai where the grass is definitely greener.

And after eight years in the Junior school, Ace and Mark are graduating and following their sister to the Senior school.  No more chauffeuring for me, they will take a bus to school.

Another tearful, hopeful time.


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  1. Melissa
    May 11, 2012 @ 01:34:09

    Baby it’s cold outside. Hello from chilly Toronto where the adventure has begun with a violent head cold – no doubt the result of the extreme change in temperature. I’m finding my Bahrain winter wardrobe ill equipped for a Toronto spring, though have spotted true Canadians out in shorts and T-shirts. The lovely Pashmina that I bought from Roshan Antiques in Manama Souq on the eve of my departure, along with lingering memories of Bahrain’s waving palm trees, the sunshine and lights coming on across the sea on our last afternoon on the beach, plus lovely wine-fuelled farewells with friends, are going some way to keeping me warm.


    • Eva the Dragon
      May 11, 2012 @ 08:30:16

      I just said to Salma last night that I had not heard from you and voila here is a note about a head cold. I used to be amazed watching the people in Chicago walking around without jackets while I, the Californian, was wearing my ski parka. There is quite a bit for you to become accustomed to.

      Poor you. The move plus the stress of moving I think also contributed to the head cold.

      Thought about you as I attended a yoga class at La Fontaine yesterday. I know that was one of your favorite places. Now you will find new favorite places. It will happen, let it come gracefully.

      Hi to Glenn.


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