The Old Kangaroo Route

“I’m forwarding my Bahrain tourism article published in The Australian today,” the former Bahrain-resident and ancient history scholar wrote to me.

Deborah Hope’s The Keys to the Kingdom  highlights why a Middle East Tourist should follow the the Kassite kings’ and Hormuz Princes’ examples and take at least two days to stop in Bahrain.

While Deborah lived here, she not only studied the ancient archeological sites at Sar and Barbar but she was part of the team who wrote Bahrain’s application to UNESCO for its “Pearling Heritage” in Muharraq.

On Saturday, the same day the article was published, Sheikha Mai was in St. Petersburg for the UNESCO announcement that Bahrain’s Pearling Heritage corridor had been added to the World Heritage List.

The irony was I read Deborah’s article on my Iphone while sitting in my car.

I was stuck for an hour and a half in a huge traffic jam as the blue-flashing lights of the police and civil defense vehicles maneuvered through cars to put out the fire set across the freeway.  Much of the delay was caused by drivers who tried to push their way to the front by driving on the shoulder, leaving no space at all for the emergency vehicles.

Deborah did mention that during the evenings a visitor would be wise to avoid Budaiya Highway as it is the area where many demonstrations take place.    I will add that the last week around 8pm the Northwest area of the island, after the Yum-Yum Tree Roundabout in Mahooz and just after the Geant/Seef Mall area just before Karranah, was plagued with fires across the highways.

At least they follow a schedule.

A big Shout-Out to these Queens of Bahraini History, Architecture and Culture for their hard work.  With time, the positive voices will drown out the negative ones.


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