A Mojo Two Degrees of Separation Story

We cruised the Fiesta food stalls contemplating the Mexican fare.  When Mojo was told “we are out of shark jerky”, the dedicated carnivore set out to track down the beef ribs.

By the time our fish tacos were ready, Mojo was sharing a table and chopping on ribs.  The other diners scooted closer together to make room for our plates.

We started chatting and discovered the Filipino couple lived in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.  They worked for the same oil company Mojo had worked for many years.  Like us, they were vacationing in Santa Barbara to escape the summer heat.

Of the 20 odd tables Mojo could have chosen to sit at, he gravitated to the one most connected to him.


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  1. winfredpeppinck
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 07:09:03

    These things are always ‘spooky.’ Yesterday my wife rang the manager of an Italian restaurant in Southampton recently voted the UK’s best Italian restaurant, to treat her daughter and son in law to a meal there. My wife rang to say that she would pick up the tab. So often when you say you are from Bahrain, there is a blank look which says “Where the hell is that?” and I once hired a car in Italy where beside my address they wrote ‘Near Dubai.’ Anyway, the restauranteur, a Brit called Harry (Just like the Las Vegas cavorter) replied “And how is old Bahrain these days?” He’d been here ‘many times’ and liked the place – so much nicer than Dubai, even though he had a daughter there! So yes it happens and it always surprises by the coincidence of it all. Walking in tiny Corfe Castle with those friends of yours and mine, Debs and Mod, we talked to an old couple in a street full of thatched cottages. It transpired that they had just returned from “Bahrain … in the Gulf …. a small island off Saudi Arabia” and for a moment they couldn’t understand why we all burst out laughing! To hell with six degrees – there are plenty of two degrees out there.


    • Eva the Dragon
      Aug 28, 2012 @ 20:57:19

      And of course everyone remembers their travels to Bahrain.

      Landing at Bahrain airport is such a relief. I love the ease of walking through the small carpeted airport and the short immigration lines. We collected our nine suitcases and were in our taxi-van home within 45 minutes.

      Entering our compound gate, the guard greeted us with a big smile. We felt like royalty as everyone waved to us as we rolled towards our house.

      It’s good to be home.


  2. Beej
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 18:13:52

    Now, we truly know there are like-minded persons, travellers or residents, from all over the world…at our sides.


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