I voted.

However, knowing that I do not have all the answers, my prayer was “Please let the Best Man to lead the USA for the next four years win.”


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  1. Seana mallen
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 09:35:33

    My main feeling is one of great relief!


  2. Debbie Al Asfoor
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 09:50:22

    Hopefully the best outcome. Just hope he doesn’t continue to print out too much money. Not the best thing to do to improve the economy but I hope it’ll be the best option for the Middle East!


    • Eva the Dragon
      Nov 07, 2012 @ 12:01:08

      My experience has always been I may not like the timing, but in the end everything turns out just fine. My expectation is the same in this instance.

      Even in the case of the Middle East.


  3. April
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 16:03:05

    To quote a recent movie. “Everything will be al right in the end. If it is not alright, it is not the end.”


  4. LmbK
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 13:14:56

    And maybe because everything is not “alright” yet, it was not time to be the end for this President. I think the world needed another term from him just as an offering of peace and steadiness. To throw everything into chaos at this difficult stage would have been very bad indeed. Americans in America don’t even know how their world affects everyone else’s world. Thank you again for voting!


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