tiny OM Opens His Shop

tiny Om came into being during our yoga training.  Our talented French artist Virginie began illustrating the asanas using a figure she named “tiny Om”.

tiny Om is a talented yogi.  While I was mastering TADASANA, tiny Om had quickly learned the 49 asanas taught in class and explained them in his own special way – bellybutton out.

Over the months as the yoga training sank in deeper, tiny Om inspired Virginie to create a line of rose and white gold, chakra necklaces and bracelets.  The first exhibition will take place June 20, 2012.

If an ocean or two prevents you from attending this opening, you can visit tiny Om’s e-shop.

Virginie’s talent and time all goes towards her favorite charity in France.  The profits support Presence, a home for developmentally disabled children.

This is the soft compassionate heart of a true yogi.

Namaste Virginie and tiny Om.



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