I Cannot Win When a Man Has the Mojo

Fifth annual little league tournament in kuwait 2013

Mojo, Ace and Mark went to Kuwait for a baseball tournament.

Susan was invited, but she turned down their offer when she learned she would not be playing.

Doha Downtown from Arch

I invited her to go to Doha with me for a girls’ weekend of yoga, swimming and a little sightseeing.

“That will be fun,” she said.  “I’ve never been to Qatar.”

Doha front of Islamic Museum

She invited her friend, making the weekend even better as they shared a room complete with free wi-fi.  During class, as they struggled through downward dog, they giggled together before falling over during half-moon.  While I learned to breathe, they swam and ate ice lollies in the heated pool.  One evening, we were invited to a dinner party, and Susan was delighted to find herself in the company of cat lovers who also enjoyed telling stories about their precious, furry companions.

Returning to Bahrain, as Susan and I cleared immigration, I got a message that Mojo and the boys had already arrived home.  “You won” I texted back.

Susan wondered how the boys’ trip was.  I started telling her what I knew, but she shouted, “Spoiler alert!  I want to hear it from the boys.”

At home, after the initial run-down of games won and lost, they got to the good part: eleven, stinky boys under Mojo’s supervision, having an all-night, soda-palooza while watching “the epic” Back to the Future 1, 2, and 3.  Plus, all the popcorn they could eat.

As she listened to them laughing about Pepsi coming out their nostrils, she whined, “I wish I had gone with Dad.”

Ooooh, that Mojo!  He won again.


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