Shopping on Amwaj Island

Amwaj Island Marina Market

The holiday season is upon us bringing lots of festive parties and seasonal markets.  That’s where I have been the last two days.

The Flea Market at Amwaj Island Marina is tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 10th from 10am-5pm.  I haven’t been to any of their previous markets.  But yesterday I met Mairi Thomas at the World Beat Holiday Sale.  She will be exhibiting there.

Mairi Thomas is new to Bahrain but not to the Gulf.  Hailing from Oman where she spent the last five years, she brings a lot of talent.  A teacher and sculptor by training, she took up photography in Oman.  She has a fabulous collection of cards and prints featuring Middle Eastern images.   An excellent eye for design, she brings a fresh perspective to images we’ve seen over the years.

Currently her work focuses on the beautiful country and people of Oman.  But she told me she cannot wait to get out and start taking pictures around Bahrain.

Omani Door by Mairi Thomas 2010

Mairi Thomas‘ collection is worth searching for as you walk around the market.  If you stop by her stall, her enthusiasm will draw you in.  Buy an extra coffee and take a few minutes to chat with her.



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