April the Month of Earthquakes and Art

Earthquakes in Iran

Iran’s 6.3 earthquake and the 7.8 “after-shock” today were felt all the way around the Gulf.

“Why are we feeling them?  What’s does this herald?,” people are asking.

Focusing on the positive, perhaps all the art exhibits opening this month in Bahrain are causing the excitement.

RE exhibit

AWA Visons 2013

Divine Feminine at World Beat Fitness

Big Red House Exhibit  April 27

extraordinary ordinary at la fontaine invite


A Taste of Africa In Bahrain

Lena W Dajani Karibu Tanzania Bahrain 2013

During the Spring of Culture, Lena W Dajani, an artist and my friend, is having her first solo exhibit at World Beat Fitness starting March 2, 2013.

 Karibu Tanzania is Swahili for “Welcome to Tanzania”.

The beauty of Tanzania’s vibrant landscapes and people are the subject of Lena’s first solo exhibit.  Between 2008 –2010, Lena and her family lived in Dar Es Salam.  She immediately fell in love with the city, its idyllic setting on the Indian Ocean and tropical landscape.  From Dar Es Salaam, the family explored the shores of Zanzibar, sailed the Indian Ocean, and took numerous safari trips to the country’s national parks.  Traveling through the Ngorongoro Crater, Manyara, Serengeti, Amani, Saadani, Bongoyo, Mbudya and Ruaha reserves, she captured the family adventures.  This exhibit was created from her thousands of photos.

Lena was a member of Artist Seana Mallen’s Awali Arts.  Under Seana’s artistic guidance, her painting developed from a hobby to a commitment to create unique artwork drawing from her global experiences.  A busy mother, she currently works with watercolor and acrylic painting that allows her to quickly and effectively re-create and capture her impressions.

Private collectors in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tanzania have purchased Lena’s paintings.  She created a line of greeting cards and has presented her art work in several local exhibitions.

  • Bahrain International Garden Show (2007 & 2008) with the Awali Arts
  • Desert Designs, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia (2007)
  • Art House Open Studios, Bahrain (2008)
  • BAPCO’s 2012 First Annual Art competition, Bahrain (2012)

Karibu Tanzania will continue through March at World Beat.  However, if you can, on the opening day, stop by to meet and chat with Lena.  Her conversations range from Islamic art, Edward Tingatinga’s paintings, African safaris, Bali artists, high-tea in London, camping trips in Oman, Middle East politics, recipes from Gourmet magazine or family tennis tournaments in the south of France.  Her passport may say American, but she is a true Global Citizen and her art is inspired by global culture.

You can LIKE Lena on FACEBOOK.

Lena Dajani Karibu Tanzania Spring of Culture 2013

It’s October, Think Pink

Just because I’ve had my eyes focused on the computer screen doesn’t mean things aren’t happening on this island.

The big Think Pink Gala has been postponed this year.  Hmmm. But there are other events to attend to help raise money for a MRI  at the government hospital.  Early detection of breast cancer does not seem to be a priority.  It took a female, expat nurse to create this initiative seven years ago.  Two-thirds of the 600,000BD needed have been raised so far.

Thursday October 11th is the Open Fitness Day at World Beat Center from 9-1.  Tickets are 10BD and can be purchased today or tomorrow.

Then Marwa Rashid Al Khalifa’s Exhibit will be opening on Saturday October 13 from 4-6pm at World Beat Center.  All proceeds from the sales will be donated to Think Pink.

One good thing about yoga is I am much more aware of the havoc sitting at a desk for hours does to my body.  Daily exercise is critical.  Yoga has really helped me strengthen my core, lengthen my spine and build deep muscles.  Yesterday, Yogini Virginie’s encouragement got me into the wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) AND the peacock shoulder stand (Pincha Mayurasana).

Plate 357 is 48-year old B.K.S. Iyengar doing the peacock shoulder stand.

Plate 358 – that’s just showing off.

Check out World Beat’s new website.  If the yoginis and the other women at World Beat can get me whipped into shape in a few short months, there is hope for anyone.


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