What I’d Do With a Little Potential

Potential from 2009 Curly Girl Calendar

The boys’ friend had his 11th birthday on 11/11/11.  That was cool.  Besides the Egyptians choosing to close down the Giza pyramids for “maintenance” yesterday, nothing changed in my world.  What about yours?

But Change is in the air.

I see it in the generation born in the 70s and 80s.  They believe in their creative talents and are living their bliss.  Using technology, they are building new communities based on shared passions and generosity of Spirit.

One of these 30 somethings is artist Leigh Standley.  Her Curly Girl Designs’ collages and witty wisdom captured my attention.

If you look at her website and blog, you will discover her world, where these artists, mainly women, are living their dream.  Building upon what they love, they have transformed their thoughts into things they can share/sell.

But they are doing it to create the world THEY WANT to live in:  A world where people generously share their knowledge.  A world where they congratulate each other on their achievements.  A world where they believe the more you give, the more you will receive.

Leigh is the soul sister I never knew I had.  Like me she enjoys traveling, old movies, singing, yoga and her family.  Because of all her good qualities, I don’t hold it against her that she prefers Snickers to Bounty and her dog Lucy to our dog Max.

She believes in education and magic – just like me.

And she is quite certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, she could save the world.

I love these fearless women who are smart enough to pick up a cute pair of shoes when they head out to change a few things.



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