It’s Okay to Think about Christmas Now

I enjoy the anticipation of seasonal events: the start of the school year in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and finally, a month of Christmas season celebrations in December.  But that’s not how it works anymore in the USA.

School starts in August while the sun is still hot and the pool is cool.  Spooky/sexy costumes are displayed in Halloween stores in September.

Yesterday, a baseball acquaintance said her family was going “to do” Thanksgiving today.  I am sorry, if you miss Halloween or Thanksgiving, you’ve missed it.  There is no do-over.  The point of a designated holiday is everyone celebrates at the same time, giving the day a special energy.

The only “holiday” Americans seem to agree upon, and that grows in importance every year, is Black Friday, the big shopping day after Thanksgiving.   However even Black Friday’s mayhem has been diluted by Christmas carols echoing through the malls in November.  The early Christmas, shopping virus is spreading faster than H1N1.  Christmas trees and elves have been setting up shop in Bahrain since early November.  It is not right.

I think the stores should close on Wednesday, put out their Christmas merchandise, then re-open on Friday, blaring their Christmas music, hopefully surprising and delighting their customers with their displays.

Wednesday November 28th is the Winter’s Tale Bazaar.  Although winter here means the temperature has dropped to the mid-80s and the bazaar will be held on the floating islands, at least we have put away our kitschy, Thanksgiving decorations.



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