Artist Demi Mcleod Exhibits at the Capital Club

Yin Yang by Demi Mcleod

Artist Demi Mcleod is showing her work at the Capital Club in the Bahrain Financial Center through this weekend October 6th, 2011.  At midnight the exhibition closes and she takes off her glass heels and runs back to her studio.

Demi is inspired by the things she is most familiar with – her goldfish, African animals and textures in fabrics.  In her mind’s eye they explode larger than life and that is when her alchemist side takes over.

Talk to Demi and she’ll explain how she combined a paint or an ink with a process which inevitably turns to gold.  Her works take time to develop because she experiments with materials gathered from her global travels.  Intrigued with each paints’ qualities she describes how they interacted with the light, the humidity and other colors.  Unafraid of the results she boldly moves forward.  Each layer deepens the painting creating new textures until her final vision comes to life.


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