Save A Camel’s Life

The Ministry of Electricity and Water decorates our bills with helpful hints.  However, this month’s suggestion to “Save Electricity and Water , Save LIFE” stumped me for a few moments.

The electrical outlet for the fish tank’s air supply was intentionally included in the drawing.  Hmmm.

If we reduce the fish’ water and air, we would kill them, not save their lives.  Is MEW implying that fish tanks are a useless waste of water and electricity?

On the envelope’s opposite side is a wonderful drawing of modern Bahrainis getting back to nature during camping season.  While enjoying life in the countryside, and without leaving their tents, they can pay their electricity bill from their mobile phone or laptop.

As the drawing shows, unlike their ancestors who had to put up with the desert’s heat and lack of water, modern men can enjoy desert without suffering its inconveniences.  The traditional fabric tent’s interior is equipped with electric lighting, air conditioning and running water.  Even sand in your pant is no longer a problem because everyone sits on sofas.

Save a LIFE.  Of course!

They want to save camels’ lives by ridding them of their burdens.  Instead of a camel, it is much better to use a sport-utility vehicle to haul all that equipment out to the campsites around the Tree of Life.

And do not take your fish to camp.  They should left at home – where they belong.



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