In Bahrain, You Can’t See the Universe

Sunset wadi rum by eva the dragon oct 2013

After our Arabic dinner in the tent, we skipped sitting around the campfire to look at the stars.

In Bahrain, it is difficult to grasp the Universe’s enormity.  Only the moon and a handful of the brightest stars shine through the light and air pollution.  We lie under a cover of orange haze.

In Wadi Rum, lying on our backs, the night sky was both a sheltering blanket and an awesome demonstration of our potential for limitless expansion.

The desert cooled and the wind kicked up.

Nearly dark wadi rum jordan by eva the dragon october 2013

After four shooting stars and a full day of land and air travel, we retired to bed.

In my warm bed, I closed my eyes.

I listened for the sounds of footsteps on the gravel, pots clanging, dogs barking and kids playing music.  There was nothing.

I listened for the wind whistling through the shrubs, voices carried from the village and animals scurrying.  There was nothing.

I listened harder.

My ears searched for a vibration to hang on.  There was only silence.

As the silence spread over me, my senses adjusted.  My eyes quit trying to focus. My ears slackened.  My skin absorbed the stillness.  My whole being relaxed.  Until, finally, I was only aware of my heart beating.

For hours I rested in that profound stillness.

And I realized our limitless potential for Peace.


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