Last Sunset for 2012 – Gangnam Style

last sunset 2012 Bahrain palm tress

After December 21, 2012 passed and the earth continues to turn, December 31st seems a bit anti-climatic if it wasn’t for the fact that it is my niece and Psy’s birthdays.

Still, as the sun sets on the last day of the year, it seems appropriate to wish 2012 farewell.  For all of the hype around the year, it turned out to be quite peaceful with positive signs for the future.

I wish everyone Happy New Year and send you my heartfelt wishes that 2013 will find you and your family full of love, life, health, wealth and happiness – and that you end it in true Gangnam style.

Who knows, something exciting could still happen.  The Year of the Dragon does not change until February 10th, 2013.

In case you are NOT one of the billion people who have watched Psy’s video.  I am certain I recognized some people I know.  Go South Korea!


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