Raining Yoginis This Weekend in Bahrain

Lucy Roberts Yogini and retreat facilitator

Bahrain gets less than three inches of rain a year.  And sometimes it all happens on one day, and the whole place is flooded.  Seems we have the same issue with visiting yoginis.

This weekend Namaste and La Fontaine are both hosting yoga workshops.

Lucy Roberts will kick it off at Namaste Thursday night.

Last February, Lucy taught a class here in Bahrain.  I attended one evening and was impressed with the depth of the class.  All the elements – breath, postures, meditation and sound – were included in a graceful way.  She taught a beautiful yoga class.

Valerie Jeremijenko from Qatar will be at La Fontaine on Friday night for a talk and the class will start Saturday morning at 9:30.

I haven’t met Valerie before but I can tell we are of like minds.  Not only does she teach yoga, but she is thinker who writes about yoga and likes to share her knowledge.

Of course, I will attend both.  I’ve already informed the family that I will miss their first baseball game against Saudi Arabia.  I will be with them in spirit but not in body.

The Namaste studio is located on Budaiya Highway above Ruyan Pharmacy.  You can book by calling 38855999.

La Fontaine is downtown and you can call or email events@lafontaineartcentre.net

yoga master valerie jeremijenko at la fontaine



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