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Musical Rapture

Amal, my beloved Reiki teacher sent me a link to Frederic Delarue’s Musical Rapture – A Gift to Humanity.   Delarue writes this 62 minutes of music “must never be sold.  It is for humanity.”

Music holds a vibration.  Sound vibrations heal our energy fields which is why yoga practices end with OM, a healing vibration.

Frederic Delarue composes healing music.  After a near death experience at 13 years old, he began playing angelic music from his heart.  But like many people who do not fully embrace their gifts, he became sick.  Struck with a paralyzing illness at age 30, he realized he needed to forgive himself.  He embraced the music in his soul and was healed.

His story is not unusual.  Healers across the planet tell similar stories.  The person knows healing is their path but does not heed the soul’s calling.  It is only after sickness or perhaps near death when the healer accepts the responsibility given to them.  Then health is restored.

Musical Rapture has a very high energy.  Delarue suggests playing it for cancer patients.  Amal recommends playing it in the house to clear negativity.  As I listen to it, my heart fills with warmth and I smell gardenias, the scent of energy.

My suggestion is to play it very, very quietly when using the computer to help clear the energy from the internet.

Thank you to Frederic Delarue for listening to his soul, composing this music and making the effort to share it with all the world.



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