Spoiler Alert: The Sun Will Rise Again

Dawn at GMT+3

Dawn at GMT+3

Mojo, Ace, Mark, Susan and I greeted the dawn of the new age at 6:21, GMT+3.

This, actually, was not the easiest thing to do, not because we had to dodge zombies, but we had to find a beach on this island.  Knowing we had to leave early in the morning, I did not want to discover en route that we could not find an empty beach to stop at.  Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours scouting out a spot on the eastern side of the island.

Secondly, I had to convince the troops to go.  Last night when I told them what I wanted to do, the conversation went like this.

Mark said, “Sounds like a Mom-thing.”

I insisted, “It’s historic.  The next cycle won’t start for another 2,000 years.”

“What time do we have to get up?” he asked suspiciously.

“5:30.  You can sleep in the car.”

“Noooo! Not on our holidays!  I can’t believe you’re making us do this.”

Obviously my cunning repertoire convinced them to go.

Ric's Country Kitchen Doomsday Bash

After we took our photos, Mojo insisted our first meal in the new age be biscuits and bacon at Ric’s Country Kitchen.

“Nooo, we want to go hooooome,” wailed the boys on our deaf ears.

The party streamers and stragglers were cleaned up by the time we arrived.  But the last of the ancient Gods met us, and we toasted the new day with beer.

Enki God of Heaven and Earth and his antelope having a beer with a friend in Ancient Dilmun or Bahrain

Enki God of Heave and Earth and his antelope having a beer with a friend. Dilmun seals found in Bahrain, the ancient Dilmun.

So far, the news from Paradise is the next 2,760 years will be better.

Peace to everyone on earth.

And to the survivalists, you can turn in your semi-automatic weapons now.



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