Superman to Save Egypt

Superman flying over Nile to save Egypt

On Thanksgiving, as we toasted three generations of the family celebrating together, my visiting, Egyptian in-laws received a text.  President Morsy was grabbing power.

The last few days, around our kitchen table, the December 15th vote on the new Egyptian constitution has been a key conversation.  Declaring the 230 articles approved by the Islamists as “ridiculous”, my father-in-law decided enough is enough.   Donning his cape, he flew home to Cairo this morning.

My question is – will he make it in time to save his beloved Egypt from a second revolution?


Flying Into Cairo – Views from the Air

The fields watered by the life-giving Nile River surround the crowded communities on its shores.

This view was south of Cairo as we flew towards the airport which is east of Cairo.

Shanties are holding their ground on the desert cliffs surrounding the city.

With 17 million people living in Cairo and the suburbs immediately surrounding the city center, from the air Cairo’s high-rise apartments resemble a Monopoly board in overdrive.

View of Cairo’s famous traffic along main arteries around the airport.


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