A Message from Our Mother “We are of One Heart”

Saffron Restaurant, Muharraq Bahrain

Saffron Restaurant, Muharraq Bahrain

Superman’s appearance in Tahrir Square was not the only sign of hope I saw yesterday.  After applying make-up over my teary face, I drove to Muharraq to meet my Bahraini friend for breakfast.  We agreed to meet “in the big parking lot” before walking over to Saffron together.

A busload of school girls and their mothers crowded the alley’s entrance.

Um Hassan and school girls in Muharraq Bahrain

“Hello, hello,” the girls said to me, practicing their English.

My friend recognized the elderly woman the girls were gathered around.

“Salam alay-kum Um Hassan,” she called out to her, waving.

The woman returned the greeting and waved to us.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Um Hassan.  The mother of Bahrain,” my friend told me.  “I recognize her from the television.”

“When the teachers started protesting at the Pearl Roundabout, she was the first woman who volunteered to go help in the schools.  She is not educated, but she did not want the schools to be shut down.  They interviewed her and she talked about how Bahrain and all Bahrainis were her children.  Her speech moved many people.  It was repeated over and over again.”

“My Children you are the crown on my head. You are my children and the children of Bahrain … All of us are One and are of one heart. Our flag is red like our hearts. My Child, Bahrain, deserves the best.  It raised us.  Since we were born, all we saw was Bahrain. We are on one track.  We want One heart. Our heart is red like our flag but it’s pure and white and we love everyone and our people are one.”

“Let’s meet her,” I said.

“You want to?” my friend asked.

“Of course.” I said, diving into the girls.

As the Mother of Bahrain held out her arms to embrace me, the abaya-clad women took photos.

Um Hassan The Mother of Bahrain in Muharraq Bahrain

“Our King is the bird and we are the two wings.  A bird can’t fly with one wing and I say, May God guide everyone, all of us, Sunna and Shia.  This land – we will not fail it.”

These revolutions are not just about the youth.  Superman and Um Hassan are carrying messages and lessons learned from all those who have gone, and suffered, before us.

“And please forgive me. I love you and love the land that you walk on. I love you my children. Maybe good will come out of this harm.

The spirit has awoken and you have all awoken and gathered around. May God bless you.”

– Quotes from Um Hassan’s speech to the Second Gathering of National Unity.

Um Hassan Bahraini Emblem given to me by Um Hassan

Bahrain pin given to me by Um Hassan


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