My Beautiful Bahrain

Some people are doers and some people talk a lot.

Robin Barratt is a doer – and a creator, an organizer, an inspiration and an all around good guy.  Just a little over a year ago Robin told the Bahrain Writers’ Circle that he would put together a book about Bahrain and get it published.  And he did it.

My Beautiful Bahrain compiled and edited by Robin Barratt

My Beautiful Bahrain is now available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

Forty writers from fifteen countries contributed short stories, mini-memoirs, poems and articles about this tiny, tiny island kingdom in the Arabian Gulf.

Based upon my numerous trips to the Ministry of Traffic, my short story “Ali and the Hummer” was chosen for the anthology.  I was inspired by a mysterious Arab woman clad in black leather I saw in the Seef Mall parking lot and another one driving a neon-pink Hummer who swerved in front of me near the Fateh corniche.

I am especially grateful to Robin for taking on a project no one else has done before.  Just as he made his contribution to the community, Robin is leaving Bahrain as work takes his family elsewhere.

That is what this book is about – Bahrain’s timeless appeal.  Since the Babylonians settled in Qal’at al Bahrain, people from all over the world have landed on the island and enjoyed their respite before sailing back into the world.  Nearly everyone who experiences living in Bahrain fondly – and longingly – remembers their days in paradise.

To view a Kindle ebook, you do not need a Kindle Reader.  You can download the free Kindle software onto your computer or IPAD or other tablet device.

WARNING reading My Beautiful Bahrain may tempt you to taste the forbidden fruit.  Do not read while driving.



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