Cheers to the British People

London Eye

A huge Congratulations to all the British people who worked and volunteered for the Olympic games.  It was superbly run.  The venues were beautiful.  And there were few stories about problems.

It was a terrific event with many inspiring moments.  I am certain XXX will be remembered as a highlight in Olympic history.

It’s been quite a year for Queen Elizabeth.  Thanks for hosting the Olympic games.


Happy Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II

My revolutionary grandfathers are probably turning in their graves as I post my congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on her 60th year in power.

It was her great-great-great grandfather George III who wondered, would it be such a bad thing if in the end the Americans “became aliens to this kingdom?”

The fact of the matter is no one expected this baby-girl to become Queen.  And if it wasn’t for an American, Queen Elizabeth would not be celebrating her Jubilee.

It is an interesting twist of fate that Wallis Simpson, the great- great-great granddaughter of an American patriot, single-handedly, nearly brought the British monarchy down.

It makes me wonder what wheels of fate King George III put into motion when he declared Americans to be dishonest rogues.   Would Simpson’s grandfather have signed his oath of loyalty against the British crown if King George III hadn’t referred to them as knaves?   How far can unkind words reverberate?

But I say today – Let bygones be bygones!  Forgive our grandfathers.  And give credit to the woman who held it all together.

Cheers to the Queen on her 60th Anniversary – from a Daughter of the American Revolution.


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