Lavender Oil for Healing the Soul and the Planet

Penlindaba Lavender Farm on the San Juan Islands

Walter Lubeck in his book The Pendulum Healing Handbook wrote about using a crystal pendulum to clear energy blocks from our etheric body.

After the session, Lubeck recommended using natural (!) lavender oil to rub in the main chakras, the hands and the soles of the feet.    The lavender helped to “create an undisturbed  restructuring and healing of the energy system.”

On San Juan Island last summer I purchased the most wonderful organic lavender oil from Penlindaba Lavender.

If you leave Seattle for an Orca whale watching tour you will likely end up at Friday’s Harbor on San Juan Island.  Bring your lunch and snacks for the boat ride over to the island.  On the island take advantage of the 2-3 hour layover to explore the Pelindaba Lavender Farm and the Orca Whale Museum.

Pelindaba Lavender has a lovely shop in town if you can’t make it out to the farm.  I bought several bottles of lavender oil and soaps to give to my friends.  Local artist made special ceramic dishes to hold the square laveder soups.

Penlindaba Lavender - Artist

But if it is a sunny day treat yourself to a visit to the lavender farm.  It is so beautiful you could even hold a wedding there.  Or go to the lavender festival next July 21-22, 2012 and feel the healing energy.

Pelindaba Lavender Farm San Juan

Besides cleansing the aura, lavender can be used for cleansing household grim.  Substitute chemical cleaners for lavender and you have a natural way to clean and deodorize your house.


Where Did You Get That Pimple? From your Grandmother?

Happy Birthday!

My birthday was celebrated in great style.  Greetings from my family and friends, a massage, facial, presents, cake, flower bouquets and Dom Perignon.  But to ensure that it was not 100% perfect, a tremendous pimple popped up in the middle of my cheek.

At dinner last night when we were discussing the twin’s birthday, Mark my son, turned to me and asked “What are you getting me, a facial and a pimple?”

I was happy to see him in a good mood.  Since the twins birth, Mark is easily upset compared to Ace who is like Teflon.  Mark’s general grumpiness made me tell Mojo when he was two years old, “There is something wrong with him.  I don’t know why he is so upset.   Perhaps he needs to see a psychiatrist.”

I thought the twins would be great birthday presents.   But they missed sharing my birthday by 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The last month of my pregnancy, I was on labor prevention drugs so I had some control when I went into labor. On October 24th I was at 37 and a half weeks and I decided to stop taking the medication in the morning.  By 7pm the contractions were strong enough to send me to the hospital.  And there I waited and waited.  I was disappointed when the clock hit midnight.  Obviously my sons were not meant to be born October 24th.

Instead they shared their October 25 birthday with my grandmother Naomi.  Naomi died relatively young of a brain tumor which I believed stemmed from a deep hurt.  I loved Naomi but I would not want my sons to harbor her deep resentment.

Years later while reading through the family genealogy chart, I realized the boys also shared their birthday with my great grandfather Oscar.  I found it to be an unusual coincidence.  Oscar died before I was born but he suffered from mental illness, again something I hoped the boys would not share.

Oscar’s wife, my great grandmother, was the daughter of twin sisters.  These twin sisters lived to be in their 90s and remained close all their lives.  Hmmm, a set of twins in the family, another small link to the past.

The twin sisters were fifteen years old when they, their aged mother and 4 brothers migrated from Sweden in 1871.  Two of the brothers, Andrew and John, changed their last name from Samuelson to Lindquist.  Why didn’t they want to be known as Samuel’s son?  No one had an answer.

But I found another coincidence –  Andrew Lindquist made it three ancestors who shared the October 25thbirthday.

The Japanese believe if a soul suffered a trauma it develops a pimple.  If a child is unhappy, then the Japanese say he has a pimple on his soul.

Was the October 25th birthday the sign of a pimple?  Was Mark’s unhappiness a trauma or a negative energy passed down through the family?

Over the past two years I sought help from energy healers and I learned Reiki.  Using Reiki, a Japanese healing system, the easiest way to deal with soul pimples is to find where the pain is because that is where the pimple is.  I treated the entire family and kept asking Mark where is your pain?

Of all three children Mark asked for Reiki the most.  And I think today he is a happier child.

He is lighter, less prone to anger.  He has gained confidence and has taken initiative in several areas of his life.  He demonstrates a lot of kindness towards his sister.  I see a change in him.  Is it just maturity?  I can’t say.  But I have learned healing takes time and whether another person is healed has nothing to do with me.  I can only heal myself.

So on my perfect birthday, to get a blemish and then have Mark comment on it seems to me to be a sign.  There must be a pimple on my soul that needs healing.

My birthday present to myself is the gift of knowing the years are passing and deciding it is time to re-energize myself and live more joyfully.  I need to let go of any hidden past within me.  I am a bit unsure what exactly needs healing but if I keep asking myself where is the pain? I am certain I will find out.


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