On Poets, Chinook Salmon and Dahlias

Returning by sea to Seattle. Mount Ranier 87km from Seattle is seen in the background.

Christopher Merrill read from his poem Pike Place Market Variations the night he visited Bahrain.

His contemporary poem captured our visit to the Pike Place Market in Seattle.   With his permission I used his words to describe my memories.

"O savor of salt and salmon--the holy and nomadic Chinook neatly filleted in ice; The King and Coho caught by a troller..."

"The fishmonger, fattened on fried clams and beer batter, brandishes his knife at the cat on the counter."

"A woman in culottes buys ferns and freesias at the flower shop,..."

"..Then roams around the crowded block, reading menus, a mark for the moneyed and the saved."

"Aboard the listing Walla Walla, the ferry stalled in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, nervous passengers scan the deep for whales, and the crew applauds the antics of the gulls and grebes."

"A drunken couple waltzes up the block, believing their good luck will never change. The sign above them--MEET THE PRODUCER--reels in the first stars."

Mr. Merrill said “how I love, and miss, Seattle.”

Quotes from Pike Place Market Variations published in Christopher Merrill’s book Watch Fire.


Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

Google Headquarters In Seattle, Washington Summer 2011

I have to say it is much more fun being a technology engineer than a banker.  Last summer we visited Google’s Seattle HQ as Mojo’s friend (of course) is a Managing Director there.

Susan, Ace and Mark loved the black board walls and chalked their names in the reception area.  We ate lunch in the employee dining room serving dishes for carnivores to vegans to junk food addicts.  We investigated the 24/7 snack area stocked with sodas and fresh baked cookies and a whole candy store of gummy bears, ice cream, tootsie rolls and bubble gum.  There was also fruit for those who indulged in such things.

The highlight was the game room.  It was equipped with bean bag chairs, video games, electric guitars, a pool table and air hockey.  After Mark crashed the electric scooter into the pinball machine and did not get kicked out, the children decided right then and there when they grow up they want to work at Google.

The engineers have had a little creative fun this holiday.

Do a Google Search on Let It Snow, wait a minute and see what happens.


Tales by Chapter

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