January 4, 2013 Calls for the Mayan’s Food of the Gods

Marty McFly goes to the future

“You better check out your sister’s Facebook page,” Mojo told me this morning.  “There’s something posted there that will make you cry.”

Worried it was photos from my childhood, I looked at his computer.  He was right, but not because it was about me.  I remember those days in October 1985 when Michael J. Fox was driving his DeLorean around the shopping mall parking lot.  And now January 4, 2013 had passed.  Where did the time go?

Depressed, I wandered into the kitchen and laid my head on the table.

“Mom, can I make some hot chocolate?” Mark asked.

Chocolate! – the solver of all problems.

“Sure,” I said.  “Use this chocolate.  It is brand new.”

Our friends just returned from Switzerland and brought us back some chocolate.  Opening the can, I realized this was no ordinary, American, powdered chocolate, where you rip open the pouch and pour into boiling water.  This was Sprungli Swiss chocolate flakes.

chocolat chaud hot chocolate from sprungli

The 16th century Spaniards did not find the gold they searched for in South America.  But the Mayans taught them how to make xocolatl which was believed to restore health, fight fatigue and prevent fainting.  After realizing I was now in Marty McFly’s future, no Hershey’s kisses  for me, I needed the good stuff.

My sister had another photo on her Facebook.  I agreed.  As long as there is food for the Gods, the world will not end.

Oreo Cookie versus Mayan calendar

chocolate being stolen

“Hey, get your hands out of my chocolate.”



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