Ferrari Red

Vanity Fair writer Kurt Anderson argued the appearance of the world has hardly changed at all over the past two decades.  One reason is before the 1990s, factories were smaller and each decade’s goods had a distinct iconic style.  Over the past twenty years, businesses have invested in huge factories and production lines that are continually put at risk if consumer tastes change radically.

To be unique requires handcrafting.

On a small island like Bahrain, wherever you go, you will see at least three people you know.  Stylish people strive to be different.  Many design their own clothing and have the village tailor stitch it up.  And the million-dollar home owner can easily pimp his car at the auto shop next door.

Yet even stylish Bahrainis are not immune from the global corporate-style culture.

Only in Bahrain have I seen a hand-crafted, Ferrari Red

silk cowboy hat,

thobe and

Rolls Royce.



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