The Inappropriate Far Side

The Far Side Gallery 3 by Gary Larson

My writer friend Julia Stuart was leaving Bahrain.  She set out bags of used books for my friends and I to browse through.

“Look here’s an old Far Side,” I exclaimed.  “I’m sorry everyone.   I must take this one for my kids.”

Gary Larson may have retired before my kids were born, but his humor did not.  All three giggled as they read it.

On the third evening, my 10-year old son Ace knocked on my bedroom door.  “Come in,” I said.

He was carrying the book and solemnly handed it over to me.

“I don’t think this book is appropriate,” he told me.

“What?  I heard you laughing.  It doesn’t have any bad words.  It is about talking animals and spacemen.”

“That’s what I mean appropriate for girls who like animals, you know – Susan.”  He said referring to his older sister.

“Why isn’t it appropriate for Susan?” I asked completely befuddled.

“You know –  Cows smoking.  Bears with guns.”



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