Sedusa At Sheik Mohammed’s Camel Farm

Sheik Mohammed's Camel Farm In Janaibiyah

It’s nice when visitors come to town because we take in the local sites.  Inevitably it means more pictures of camels.

Sheik Mohammed was the King’s late Uncle.  Sheik Mohammed maintained the only herd of camels left on the island.  Construction continues as the camels are multiplying.

Famous Medusa Camel

The famous Medusa camel is known to turn adolescent boys into stone.  We did not have a boy with us so did not know whether this was true.

When I visited the farm a few months ago, this guy was one of the camel keepers.

His shirt says "I am still a virgin. Please give me a chance."

My friend and I wondered whether his advertising brought him any success.

A couple weeks later we read a story in our local paper about a man working at the camel farm being arrested for having sex with a pregnant camel and causing her to abort.  The eyewitness claimed it was true and the man was thrown in jail.

When I visited last week I didn’t see the man in the pink shirt.  We think the camels must have been turning him to stone.  Per the manager, there is a camel who is now known as Sedusa.



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