Creating A Storm During A Cyclone

StormProductions27 executives meet in Galle, Sri Lanka.

One of expatriate life’s purposes is to open our children’s eyes to the world.

After thirty plus hours of research and negotiation with the travel agents, I thought we had an excellent Sri Lankan itinerary.  Our seven days were a mix of beach resort, an elephant safari, a bit of Buddhist and Hindu culture, a little walking adventure, some calculated exposure on how other people live, and a glimpse into Sri Lanka’s colonial history.

Plus the unexpected, Cyclone Nilam.

After thirty plus hours of hotel room research, the children scripted their own Sri Lankan docudrama.  When the lights went out, the adults drank wine and reviewed our old fashioned, digital photos while Ace, Mark, and their friends produced then posted three movie trailers to YouTube.

Is StormProductions27 the next generation of James Camerons?  Take a look and vote.



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